Project Vision

To establish an integrated, mixed-use human settlement with a diversity of housing products and supportive infrastructure; which are commercially viable and socio-economically sustainable.


Lufhereng is the largest integrated mixed housing development in Gauteng.


The “Breaking New Ground” policy represents a radical shift in housing delivery and introduced a new direction for housing in South Africa. Its central theme revolves around a comprehensive plan for “Sustainable Human Settlements”. Housing projects historically faced various challenges including land shortage, insufficient housing options (one size fits all approach) and the need to move away from dormitory neighborhoods and dysfunctional settlements.  A new approach to housing was required to respond to these challenges and resulted in a fundamental directional change in both the location of new settlements and the way such projects are designed and implemented.


“Breaking New Ground” seeks to redress the distorted and fragmented spatial settlement patterns left by apartheid planning, closing market gaps and stimulating a more varied housing market. It seeks to actively promote the diversification of housing products and thereby cater for the broader needs of communities. Amongst other aspects, the BNG policy seeks to promote the social, economic and spatial integration of settlements and communities.


This approach gave birth to “Mixed Integrated Housing Developments”.  Such projects –such as the Lufhereng Mega Housing Project - seek to deliver a basket of land uses associated with functional residential environments ranging from varied housing options for different income categories, uniform level of municipal services complemented by a range of socio-economic amenities such as schools, clinics, commercial land and parks. The Lufhereng Project seeks to deliver housing alternatives that vary both in built form (freehold, semi-detached, row housing and medium density walk-up apartments) and in tenure options (from rental to ownership) to suit every beneficiary’s unique economic circumstance and accommodation requirements.


Residential accommodation are designed to bridge the gap between government-assisted housing products and market-driven products.  This “affordability gap” has caused most housing products to be beyond reach for lower-income earners. The Lufhereng Mixed Housing development aims to deliver affordable rental accommodation (medium density units) and market-related housing (affordable bonded units) around functional mixed-use nodes to strengthen business activity within convenient access to public transportation.


The Lufhereng Integrated Housing Development was proclaimed as a Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) and is part of President Cyril Ramaphosa's National Economic Recovery Plan.  It respresents a leading project that will change the face of Housing in South Africa!