Lufhereng Launch - 27 August 2016

Executive Mayor Parks Tau hosted an event at Lufhereng on 27 August 2016 to celebrate the achievements and future plans for the Lufhereng Mega Project.


At this prestigious event, dignitaries handed over a number of subsidized houses to beneficiaries from the 1996/1997 waiting list, inspected FLISP housing stands and handed over houses for Military Veterans which the Lufhereng Development Company constructed.  The festivities further included the official opening of the R260 Million Lufhereng Electrical Sub-Station by City Power and the unveiling of the 1st phase social housing project by Joshco which will yield 407 one and two bedroom rental units.


Construction is set to continue unabated in 2016/2017.


The official launch video can be viewed by following the link below:The project was also featured in the press:

Social Housing - Site Clearance

Site Clearance towards construction of the Phase 1 Social Housing units has begun.

The Lufhereng Development Company (LDC) will develop these rental units on behalf of the Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO).

For more information, click here to visit the JOSHCO web site.

A video depicting the site can be seen by following the link below:

(Courtesy of Steven Crawford Architects)

Development Update - July 2016

The first development phase of 1832 subsidized housing units was concluded in 2012.  After appointing the Lufhereng Development Company as the City of Johannesburg’s turn-key implementation agent, construction on the next phase of the Lufhereng Project commenced in 2014.  

The following was achieved in the past 2 years:

  • Servicing of 2176 residential stands;
  • Construction of Bulk and Bulk Link Engineering for the new and future townships;
  • Design, construction and completion City Power’s Lufhereng Sub-station providing Lufhereng and surrounding region with firm electricity supply from the onset of the development;
Lufhereng Substation under Construction
  • Completion of the Lufhereng Primary School, the first of 15 schools planned for the development;
  • The provision of 112 Fully Subsidised Housing units and 30 Military Veteran Housing units, either completed or nearing completion, and
  • Approval and finalisation of Joshco’s first High Density Housing scheme in the development, to deliver 660 SHRA housing units.


As part of its commitment to develop Lufhereng as an integrated human settlement, the City of Johannesburg prioritized the development of social housing in addition to subsidized and bonded housing products.

The first social housing stands will be serviced and ready for construction early in 2016 when the bulk electricity supply will be completed. In response, Lufhereng Development Company (LDC) entered into a contract with the Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO) to implement the first phase Social Housing project consisting of some 418 units in Lufhereng Ext 1.
LDC is well versed with the existing SHRA policy environment and understand that JOSHCO needs to deliver a project that is compliant with the requirements of SHRA.

In partnership with JOSHCO, LDC will facilitate the design and construction of quality, resource efficient, economically sustainable and affordable social housing products, which are close to transport nodes, and that address the needs of the community and the environment.
While JOSHCO and LDC is in partnership to develop further social housing units in Lufhereng, this does not exclude the possibility of other Housing Agencies participating in this ground-breaking project in future.

Lufhereng Ext 5 Construction

The installation of services in Lufhereng Ext 5 have progressed since the City of Johannesburg officially handed the site over to the Lufhereng Development Company in October 2014.

All civil services for Lufhereng Ext 5 will be completed by December 2015 to enable house construction to commence in 2016.

Lufhereng Contract Handover

Lufhereng Contract-7

The Executive Director of Housing of the City of Johannesburg, Thabo Maisela officially handed the signed Turn-key development contract to the Lufhereng Development Company on 8 October 2014. This ceremony was held at the Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst.

Lufhereng Agricultural Estates

The Lufhereng Agri-Estate is an innovative urban agricultural concept that is carefully integrated into the development and forms an integral part of the Lufhereng housing development. Lufhereng promotes a unique live and work environment to residents with the opportunity also to engage in agricultural activities.It is anticipated that agriculture will stimulate and improve the local economy, thereby further promoting the concept of sustainable communities and human settlements. This concept is a first for Gauteng.

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The Lufhereng Project was recently show-cased at the Gauteng 2055 Vision Launch.
This exhibition was held in Freedom Square, Soweto as part of the Centenary celebrations of the Freedom Charter.Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane launched the Gauteng Vision 2055 on Thursday, 27 March 2014.

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