Project Purpose and Target

The Lufhereng project was conceived and initiated by the City of Johannesburg and Gauteng Department of Human Settlements as a large scale, mixed income, mixed type and mixed tenure housing development.

The fully subsidized housing stock is targeted at the 1996/97 waiting list for Greater Soweto and the relocation of persons and families from the Protea South informal settlements.

Project Scope: The final scope of the Lufhereng project is expected to be around 25 000 housing opportunities. These will be developed in three principle phases over a period of seven to nine years. With 2 100 houses already built in Lufhereng Proper and Ext 1, the remainder is anticipated to yield 22 894 units:

Subsidized units - 8 353;
Bonded and Flisp units - 8 353; and
High Density apartment - 6 188.

Housing Products: Housing products planned for Lufhereng include fully subsidized housing for the poorest in the community, affordable housing for other low income households, and middle to high income bonded housing stock for the general market. Affordable, middle and high income housing demand is expected to constitute around 50% of the total development. Affordable housing will take the form of both freehold and rental housing stock under the institutional subsidy programme.