Lufhereng Agricultural Estates

The Lufhereng Agri-Estate is an innovative urban agricultural concept that is carefully integrated into the development and forms an integral part of the Lufhereng housing development. Lufhereng promotes a unique live and work environment to residents with the opportunity also to engage in agricultural activities.It is anticipated that agriculture will stimulate and improve the local economy, thereby further promoting the concept of sustainable communities and human settlements. This concept is a first for Gauteng.

The Agri Estate seeks to promote small to medium farmers through intensive agricultural activities with high yield production activities. The 4 Agri-estates extends over 480 hectares in extent ranging from small agricultural lots to large open field farms. The agri-estate is aimed at promoting food security and financial self-sufficiency to all agri-entrepreneurs.
In addition to the retail and commercial job opportunities offered within the development, the agricultural estate will assist with upstream and downstream business opportunities and has the potential to create approximately 10,000 jobs opportunities.

The project incorporates the existing Doornkop farmers as well as new aspiring farmers. It will enjoy continued support from government through training and mentoring in agricultural practices managed collectively by the farmers under farming cooperative structures. As part of the Gauteng Provincial Government: Agricultural Development Strategy, Lufhereng will prove to be a significant model for urban agriculture.